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Windows & Doors Wood & Wood-Aluminium
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Wooden or Plastic... or maybe Wood-Aluminium?

If someone wants to compare present plastic windows, we should put them beside present wooden windows. Present - meaning made from seasonal wood, equipped with modern fixtures, inset with joint panes in a durable sealing system and at last painted in modern, permanent and ecological coats of paint. Just such a comparison will give the basis to judge the superiorities of one window or the other. Just such a comparison will show, that parameters of usable present wooden windows are unequalled pattern for different material solutions.

The definition of distortion is the same for every kind of window. But plastic isn't nearly as rigid as other window materials such as wood and aluminium. Worse, plastic begins to soften and distort at 74 degrees Celsius, a temperature that is easily reached in the space between a window and drape on a sunny day. Although all window materials expand and work as temperatures rise and fall, plastic moves more than twice as much as aluminum and wood. Plastic expands seven times further than glass with each degree. That action can pop seals between the frame and the glass.

We can't forget that plastic is a material with electrostatic and dust properties, so it's necessary to wash them frequently.

Besides, wood has character, which it's not possible to imitate through use of plastic. It looks as pleasant on windows as on beautiful furniture. To plastic, which doesn't have any soul, we feel indifference.

The perfect solution for offices and shop exhibition windows are wood-aluminium windows characteristically known to have unusual resistance to thermal damages throught their external coat, keeping simultaneous quality and aesthetics of wooden windows from inside.